Prickly Pear Tea

Prickly Pear Tea

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One Pound 16oz
If you have visited our Tucson area you may have been intrigued by the seemingly
erratic growth of the prickly pear cactus, with its pads protruding at all angles;
or you may have avoided it because of its sharp, barbed spines and tiny stickers.
However; everyone can appreciate the prickly pear's large but delicate colorful blooms
and the sweet, succulent fruit.
Over a period of several weeks in late spring and early summer, each pad produces
several three-to-four-inch wide flowers that bloom in an array of colors, depending on the variety,
from subtle to brilliant tones of yellows and oranges, pinks and reds.
When the blooms fade, the edible fruits form and harvest begins. This is the basis of our extract
that infuses our China Black FOP tea and gives you the delicious flavor without
the stickers or barbs.

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