Peru Cafe Femenino Burlap Coffee Bag
Peru Cafe Femenino Burlap Coffee Bag

Peru Cafe Femenino Burlap Coffee Bag

$ 4.95

These are the very same bags we receive our green coffee in that is then roasted and shipped right to your door. The artwork is beautiful and makes a great item for framing! Since this is a handmade product, color and alignment of the logos may vary, but that's what makes each bag unique. For more history about the Cafe Femenino Project and what is currently being done to help out the women of Northern Peru, read below.

This is the story of women. Not just the women of rural communities in Peru, but of women throughout developing nations: women who have no rights, women who are abandoned, women who are abused, women who are alone with children and no income. All are women who are left with no self-esteem, but still they hope for a better life. This is only the beginning of the story, and it begins in the mountainous Penachi area in Northern Peru.

Peru, like most coffee-producing countries, is a rural Third World Country. In these areas of lower cultural living standards, women are not only isolated, but mistreated physically and emotionally. With little resources, the coffee family prefers to invest available resources in educating the sons. The daughter stays home, devoting herself to chores around the house and watching over the farm. They usually marry between 12 and 16 years old. Until now, women have only been allowed to participate in the domestic work of the home. If allowed to join work groups, it has been only in a passive role. From the desire to change this situation, the Café Femenino Project was born.

The women farmers participate in all farm activities. They prepare the terrain, nurseries, and the compost. They fertilize the soil and prepare bio-fertilizers, as well as harvesting, de-pulping, fermenting, and drying of the coffee. They also are involved in the decisions as to how the money from the coffee sales will be used.



With the Organic and the Fair Trade premiums they receive, they are now able to promote the organization of the female coffee farmers and their integration into social, political, and occupational organizations. These additional funds provide extra income that goes directly to the women producers. The use of this income is for them alone to decide. The hope is that by changing the roles of women the quality of life in these communities will improve and help to build a sustainable economic system.



The Café Femenino Coffee Project is working to raise self-esteem and to change the view of women’s roles. It is also working by starting economical activities that generate sales the women can control. The women’s response to these organizational activities has been amazing! Even the support offered by community leaders and other men has gone well.



One of the important things we can do in our lives is to make a difference for our neighbor. Pat Willis, Owner and Business Development Officer of Arbuckle Coffee Roasters, learned from her experiences as a child growing up in Appalachia to always be prepared to reach out to someone in need. Whether that person is the neighbor next door, the homeless on the streets, or in this case the abused native women of Northern Peru.

Arbuckle Coffee Roasters and our sensitive importer, Organic Products Trading Company in Vancouver Washington, have committed themselves to the success of the Café Femenino Coffee Project. By participating in this project, we are working to make a difference in women’s lives, both here in Tucson and the mountains of Peru. We urge you to consider this opportunity to be a part of the HOPE being offered to these women in our town and around the world by purchasing some of this World Class gourmet coffee!

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