Arbuckles' Ariosa with Ekobrew K-Cup Insert

Arbuckles' Ariosa with Ekobrew K-Cup Insert

$ 26.95
One Pound 16oz & Ekobrew K-Cup Insert

The Original "Coffee That Won the West" is back with a new posse, the Ekobrew K-Cup Insert. Now you can enjoy fresh roasted Arbuckles' Ariosa coffee in the convenience of your K-Cup machine. Purchasing the two together in this convenient pack not only makes a great gift, but also saves you $4.50 off our retail price. Everything the Cowboy came to trust; from the rich, full flavor to John Arbuckle's original premium item, the Peppermint Stick.

If you choose to keep your coffee in the freezer, which we recommend for long term storage, please remove the peppermint stick that's inside each bag.

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